20 years old.

 1. White gold and topaz ring from Maty.
 2. Yellow gold and puartz ring surrounded by diamonds from Histoires d'or.
 3. Yellow gold and clover shaped pink jade by Morganne Bello.

Here are my 20 years old presents from my family.
It’s traditional in our family to give a ring to girls when they are 20.
I chose the three rings with my family. There are so different but they all have got special meaning and beautiful details to me.
I was so lucky to find a store selling Morganne Bello’s creations in my city. Her creations are gorgeous and the clover shaped stone remind me of the Alhambra collection from Van Cleef and Arpels. I am searching for a bracelet from her design for Christmas to match with my ring. I am hesitating so much for the color. Any advice  ?
I chose the topaz ring, because light blue is my favorite color and this ring is so refined but stays really young and easy to wear. White gold is really emphasizing the color of the stone. The quartz one is a mix between an old design because of the diamonds surrounding the stone and the yellow gold but it’s modern at the same time because of the shape of the stone and the brown color. The diamonds are sparkling, I can’t stop looking at it, it’s really gorgeous.


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