Christmas eve.

I spend the afternoon cooking with my grand-mother. So nice to spend time with my family instead of reviewing all the time... And tomororw there is a dinner at my god-father's house. But for now : Merry christmas eve !

Picture : Chocolate and raspberry muffins.


New in

I just bought this Sandro sweater at the beginning of December and I am just crazy about it. The coral colour is gorgeous and the pocket makes it so unusual. It's so warm ! I don't have so much sweaters in my wardrobe so I am trying to find nice ones because Winter is starting here in France and the weather is becoming really chilly !! I also bought one from Comptoir des Cotonniers that you saw in my november wishlist.


20 years old.

 1. White gold and topaz ring from Maty.
 2. Yellow gold and puartz ring surrounded by diamonds from Histoires d'or.
 3. Yellow gold and clover shaped pink jade by Morganne Bello.

Here are my 20 years old presents from my family.
It’s traditional in our family to give a ring to girls when they are 20.
I chose the three rings with my family. There are so different but they all have got special meaning and beautiful details to me.
I was so lucky to find a store selling Morganne Bello’s creations in my city. Her creations are gorgeous and the clover shaped stone remind me of the Alhambra collection from Van Cleef and Arpels. I am searching for a bracelet from her design for Christmas to match with my ring. I am hesitating so much for the color. Any advice  ?
I chose the topaz ring, because light blue is my favorite color and this ring is so refined but stays really young and easy to wear. White gold is really emphasizing the color of the stone. The quartz one is a mix between an old design because of the diamonds surrounding the stone and the yellow gold but it’s modern at the same time because of the shape of the stone and the brown color. The diamonds are sparkling, I can’t stop looking at it, it’s really gorgeous.



November Wishlist : Lace, leather, bow and pompon.

1.Topshop navy lace dress : 60 euros
2.River Island snake print shopper : 52 euros
3.Comptoir des cotonniers bow sweater : 110 euros
4.Maje leather skirt : 225 euros
5.H&M lace blouse : 20 euros


Fashion Photography.

I discovered Kevin Taschman few time ago on Vogue website. He's a fashion photographer and his pictures are truly gorgeous with vibrant colors and movements. I can't stop looking at his websites. Here are some of his pictures of the last fashion week which I like the best...
The first picture is from the Jason Wu's fashion show, I noticed this dress watching the show, that's such a master piece...


Alexander Mc Queen fashion show

Marc Jacobs fashion show

Haider Ackermann fashion show

Christian Dior fashion show

Giorgio Armani fashion show


Dior spring - summer 2012

All pictures are from Vogue.fr

Paris fashion week finally started with my favorite brand. 
Dior design is always a perfect match of colors but it's classy at the same time. Shapes are so perfect and clothes seem to be so comfortable with a lot of silk and muslin... The red dresses are just to die for. Dior used my favorite tone of red which is like poppy red, I can't get enough of this color in my wardrobe. I also loved the transparent shirts worn under the jackets. I saw that Jason Wu did the same in his fashion show. And I loved the nudes tones. Moreover my favorite models were walking the runway like Frida, Marina, Magdalena, Anna Selezneva, Jak ...


Mémoires de la mode, Chanel

Mémoires de la mode, Chanel. All rights reserved.

Recently, I saw a documentary film called « Signé Chanel » by Loic Prigent. It was truly amazing to see all the work that Haute Couture involves. From drawings to the fashion show, this movie shows all the design of the collection including the big rush the day just before the show during which the team works on dresses all night long. It’s also a true portrait of Karl Lagerfeld who seems to be so nice and seems to really pay attention to the dressmakers.
It makes me want to know more about Chanel and its story. That’s why I bought this book. I read it so fast, it’s such a beautiful and great book. The pictures from past and present creations are truly gorgeous and they’re well explained. There is also a short history of the brand, that’s always a good point.
I notice this book also exists for other brands like Lanvin, Cacharel, Dior and even Yves Saint Laurent. I can’t wait to purchase them too ! You really should take a look at the movie and the book, they’re so fascinating !

The documentary film : "Signé Chanel" by Loic Prigent.
The book : « Mémoires de la mode, Chanel » by François Beaudot and Françoise Aveline.



Candy Bag from Furla. All rights reserved.

The law university hasn't started yet so I have time to think about the next year. Sometimes I'm wondering what I should take with me in Paris or what I should leave behind.

I would like to be sure I will be as enthusiastic when I will be there as I am right now. I hope, once I am there that I will never forget how lucky I am and how I worked hard to achieve this dream.
I would like to left behind people who broke my heart, who make me want to move and little quarrels.
I want a new start and I guess I need it.

Talking about more concrete things, I know I will have a very little space and that's going to be hard to chose what to pack or not. The most delicate dilemma will be books and clothes for sure ! When I pack my suitcases to go on holidays only for a week or two I always want to bring everything ! How am I going to do, if it’s for at least 2 years ?? Hard choices to come :) :) 

Maybe I will have to leave behind this cute pink Candy Bag by Furla...



Paris, Jardin des Tuileries*. All rights reserved.
Since I discovered Paris, I decided I want to live in this city. It’s difficult to explain how well I feel there and how much I feel like home when I take a walk in its tiny and old streets.
But how to do when you live in the middle of France, when you still study, don’t have a work and when you realize how much the rents are outrageous?
What was only a thought at the beginning now became an obsession and I have to find a solution!
If everything is going all right, in one year, I will pack my suitcases to go to the city of lovers and I hope I will never have to go back. I hope I will be lucky enough to be accepted in a good university in Paris to finish my studies and become a notary public.
*I took this picture some years ago in the "Jardin des Tuileries". Every time I go back to this place, I take exactly the same picture while it's a different season. I just need to take this picture in winter, under the snow to complete my collection.