Candy Bag from Furla. All rights reserved.

The law university hasn't started yet so I have time to think about the next year. Sometimes I'm wondering what I should take with me in Paris or what I should leave behind.

I would like to be sure I will be as enthusiastic when I will be there as I am right now. I hope, once I am there that I will never forget how lucky I am and how I worked hard to achieve this dream.
I would like to left behind people who broke my heart, who make me want to move and little quarrels.
I want a new start and I guess I need it.

Talking about more concrete things, I know I will have a very little space and that's going to be hard to chose what to pack or not. The most delicate dilemma will be books and clothes for sure ! When I pack my suitcases to go on holidays only for a week or two I always want to bring everything ! How am I going to do, if it’s for at least 2 years ?? Hard choices to come :) :) 

Maybe I will have to leave behind this cute pink Candy Bag by Furla...

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