Mémoires de la mode, Chanel

Mémoires de la mode, Chanel. All rights reserved.

Recently, I saw a documentary film called « Signé Chanel » by Loic Prigent. It was truly amazing to see all the work that Haute Couture involves. From drawings to the fashion show, this movie shows all the design of the collection including the big rush the day just before the show during which the team works on dresses all night long. It’s also a true portrait of Karl Lagerfeld who seems to be so nice and seems to really pay attention to the dressmakers.
It makes me want to know more about Chanel and its story. That’s why I bought this book. I read it so fast, it’s such a beautiful and great book. The pictures from past and present creations are truly gorgeous and they’re well explained. There is also a short history of the brand, that’s always a good point.
I notice this book also exists for other brands like Lanvin, Cacharel, Dior and even Yves Saint Laurent. I can’t wait to purchase them too ! You really should take a look at the movie and the book, they’re so fascinating !

The documentary film : "Signé Chanel" by Loic Prigent.
The book : « Mémoires de la mode, Chanel » by François Beaudot and Françoise Aveline.

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